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Updated 11-JUN-12

Comments from some of my clients

You are doing such a wonderful job with our site!  Lawana McGuffey, Hosanna Ranch

We (& so do our guests) love our web page!  Everything is so professionally done and of course the flying fish steal the show!  Don Busse, Trophy Inn

If you should ever need a reference as a webmaster, just send 'em to me. Great job on ours!  Bill Altland, Whale Tail Pharmacy




Ready and able to help you establish Your Presence on the World Wide Web!

Marjorie M. Marshall
Owner and Designer


Examples of Setups Available from Spacious Skies

Single page 
  Single page with frames 
  Multi-page, with or without frames 
If you want to sell products on the Internet,  
we will partner with Enterprise Technologies, Inc. 
to set up a reasonably-priced shopping basket.  
  Sub-contractor services are also available  
(both design and webmaster).

My Site Map

Spacious Skies' web clients include: 

  Cindy Keeley, Southern Gospel Singer  - Includes her schedule
Loyal Evangelical Church - Multi-page with frames; frequent updates
"Aunt" Harriet's Scrapbook - the hobby of "Scrapbooking" can go online
Camp AN - a most unusual camp in Alaska!
Our Trip to England - show off your vacation pictures
International Child Care Ministry - with downloadable newsletters
Sometimes the best man for the job might be a woman  Pictures and information
Hosanna Ranch - Up Close to a Llama
Friendly Assembly of God - Single page with frames. 
Meadows in the Mountains - a unique approach to working with personal difficulties. 
Family Fun in Texas - A way to show a number of pictures, yet see the enlarged versions quickly.
Layne's Hospitality Home - Nostalgic single page without frames.
Personal web page - Multi-page website 
Wandering Racquetball Missionary - Witty yet serious 
Trophy Inn - Single page without frames.  Cute graphic.
Prince of Peace Assembly in Klawock AK -- Single page.
A Missionary's web site - with a link to Alaska weather.
Whale Tail Pharmacy - Multi-pages; without frames.  
Bluewater Christian Camp - Single page without frames.
Val & Sal Burattin's Home Page -
Multi-page; no frames.
Wonderful Old Homes -
Three pages; great if you like old houses.

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For a free, no-obligation estimate for building your Website, please e-mail me.  I do a lot of work without the need to meet face to face with my clients.  That's the wonderful convenience of the World Wide Web.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Estimates are no-obligation; however, they are given with the understanding that the billing will be for actual charges.  I try very hard to stay within the estimate, but it's not always possible to meet the limits.  I will keep you informed if it appears that the costs will exceed the estimate.

Why should I have a Website? 

Tell who and where you are and how to contact you. 

  Establish a presence in the on-line community.  You'll find that you are expected to have an on-line presence these days.  If you do not, you'll be considered "old fashioned" and out-of-step with not only the business community, but by your peers as well.

Communicate your message to current and prospective clients and customers. 

  Provide educational links for your clientele. 

What we will consider as we develop your website 

1. Purpose for your website. 

2. Name of company or organization, location, phone numbers, fax number, e-mail addresses. 

3. Who are your customers? 

4. In what way do you serve your customers? 

5. Does your company have a statement of purpose?  If not, do you want to develop one? 

6. Recognition in the community - have you won any awards? 

7. Does your company support any charities? 

8. Are there other websites in your industry which would interest your customers and other web surfers, but wouldn't help your competition? 

9. Do you have a logo? If not, one can be designed - extra cost to you. 

10. Do you already have some printed brochures and/or newsletters from which we can work? 

11. Will you want photos on the website? Do you have them already? Who will take them?  I recommend that you have them - people will feel a connection to you if they've "met" you.

12. How about small photos and resumes of key staff members? 

13. Do you want one page or a Home Page with sub-pages? The addition of sub-pages will be more expensive to develop but will allow you more flexibility in providing information. 

14. How often do you plan to update your page? 

15. Do you want a response form on your Home page, or will an e-mail click-on be sufficient? 

16. "Bells and whistles" are nice and impressive, but only if you have a fast browser. More people than ever do, but still not everyone does, so using java applets, music and/or animated graphics may not be advisable; surfers will move on if your pages load too slowly. Relying on text for your the main points of your message will provide you with wider readership than will a lot of large photos and animated graphics. 


A. You will need to sign up with a local Internet Provider (IP) and purchase enough space for a business site.  you might see if you can start small and only purchase more space if it becomes necessary.  If you want a (that is, your own "domain"), I can assist you ... there are additional costs involved. Example of a "domain" - mine is 

B. Your IP must allow uploading from remote locations. 

C. You may want to arrange for more than one e-mail box on your site. 

Basic services include: 

1) Home Page, with sub-pages if desired. 
2) Hits counter, if desired. 
3) Registering with the best search engines. Monitoring the registration. 

Additional services are available.


Spacious Skies Web Designs 
Service with a Smile

If your budget is tight, consider these ideas

(1)  Free web space is available from several Internet sites.  

(2)  If you live in a metropolitan area, you may be able to get free access to the Internet.


Some of My Favorite Links

Yahoo! -- WWW-based E-mail Program  
MapQuest -- Find Your Way Around 
Switchboard -- Find a Person or a Business 
M3's Home on the Web -- My Home Page 

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Spacious Skies in Kansas



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Web Host Services

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Enterprise Technologies, Inc.


Hints from Marge

How will people find my Web site?  

(1) Take advantage of the power of search engines by registering your page with your favorite ones. 

(2) Send the link to your page to all the people on your list of e-mail addresses.  Ask them to look at your page and then pass the link on to all their contacts. 

(3) Most e-mail programs have a way for you to add a "signature" to each message you send out, so put a link to your page in your signature. 

(4) Put your link on your business card, on your letterhead and in your ads. 

Who can put pages on the Internet?  

Anyone!  Businesses, churches, nonprofit organizations, individuals, families, schools, clubs - you name it and it can be done. 

You don't have to have a very big budget, because you can even put up a page on a free site, such as Angelfire, Tripod and GeoCities! 

There are many reasons to create Web pages; for example, here are two children's memorials which I have put on the 'Net. 

Dina - In Her Memory 

Sarah and Amanda - In Loving Memory 

Marjorie M. Marshall
Marshall Consulting


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New to personal computing? 
I can help by being your tutor.

Spacious Skies Web Designs 


The Home News for former armed services personnel

On the Road...with the Marshalls for the work of my husband, Howard, and myself.  

Marjorie Marshall

  • 22 years in Human Resources. 

  • Wrote the first personnel manual for Kansas City KS municipal employees. 

  • 6 years managing employee benefit programs and administering self-funded medical and dental plans for 1600+ employees and retirees


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